Instructors and Staff

Art Hayssen

Art Hayssen is a 5-time NAFI Master Instructor, FAA FAASTeam Lead Representative in the North San Francisco Bay Area, ATP and active Flight Instructor since 1980.  With over 8,000 hours of flight instruction given, Art’s instructor certificate includes airplane single and multi-engine land and sea, and instrument ratings. Art is the recipient of an AOPA and eight FAA Flight Safety Awards.  He was designated as California’s first Master Instructor Emeritus. Art has taught Aviation, Meteorology, and Geography at the Santa Rosa Junior College for the past 33 years.

Art has conducted Mountain Flying Seminars and classes since 1990.  He has flown extensively throughout the most rugged and remote regions of the Western US, Canada, Alaska and Southern Africa.  For the past 13 years he has led group flyouts to mountainous destinations in California and Oregon with graduates of his Mountain Flying Seminars and workshops.