Aviation Weather

Aviation Weather


FAA-Certified Weather Planning Service


A similar FAA Certified Weather Planning Service

NOAA Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS)

Comprehensive site provides:

  • Advisories (SIGMET /AIRMET),
  • Forcasts for many specific weather conditions (icing, turbulence, winds/temps)
  • Observations (PIREPS, METARS, Ceiling/Visibility, etc)
  • Flight Planning, standard briefing
  • And more...

NOAA Aviation Weather

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) site provides a wide range or resources for review and evaluation of weather conditions.

National Weather Service Oakland Center

Map shows VFR/IFR conditions at a glance, click the airport of interest to see current weather conditions (only shows in FAA abbreviated format). Site has Airmets, Sigments, Pireps, Metars, TAFs, etc.


SuperAWOS provides much more than standard AWOS systems. SuperAWOS provides:

  • Automated greetings and explains how to use it's services.
  • Complete advisories including weather, traffic, and runway information,
  • 2-way radio check, and
  • Pre-flight planning information.

SuperAWOS is fairly intelligent and adaptive, giving additional weather information when the situation requires it. When conditions change significantly SuperAWOS gives unsolicited updates explaining what has changed. This automated service sits right on the normal Unicom frequency, allowing you better situational awareness by not having to change to a separate frequency. To see the web-based airport data display (shown at left). Click See Remote Data in the top menu bar. Select "graphical data" for any airport (such as Healdsburg or Little River) from the list that appears.

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