Instrument Rating

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  • Private Pilot Rating
  • Proof of citezenship or TSA approval prior to the start of your training
  • IFR certified aircraft
  • Pass the written examp with 70% minimum
  • 50 hours of Pilot-in-Command cross-country
  • 40 hours of simulated or actual instrument time
  • 15 hours of flight instruction towards Instrument Rating
  • 250 NM cross country under simulated instrument conditions
  • Pass checkride

Frequenty Asked Questions

Is There a Total Time Pre-requisite?

No. But you are required to have logged at least 50 hours total of PIC cross country time. This can be done solo, or with an instructor. These hours can be logged before or during your instrument training.

Is there a ground school course?

Yes, we offer one here at NCA, usually formatted to go for about 3 hours one night a week for 14 weeks (a standard college semester). Make sure to get on the contact list for when we announce the next session!

What aircraft can I do my IFR training in?

All of our 4-seat aircraft are IFR certified, and great for IFR training. If you have your own aircraft, you can train in it, but any aircraft being used for IFR flight or training needs to be maintained to IFR instrumentation standards.

Can I do any of my training in a simulator?

Yes, using a flight simulator is a great, affordable way to practice your IFR skills.

The Costs

Estimated Flight Training Costs and Requirements

Instrument Rating* Flight Hours
*must have 50 Hr PIC X-Cntry FAA Min Nat. Avg FAA Req Based on Nat Avg
DUAL PCATD simulator training  5 9 $525.00 $945.00
DUAL C172 training 35 61 $7,420.00 $12,932.00
Ground School & supplies (approximation)  40 70 $615.00 $615.00
Ground Instruction, individual (approximation)  $680.00 $2,040.00
Flight Check: Examiner's Fees (approximation)  $800.00 $800.00
Totals $10,040.00 $17,332.00
Expect About 


Flight Instructor  $        68.00
Advanced Flight Instructor (beyond Private)  $        80.00
FAA Approved FTD Simulator  $        37.00
Light Sport Aircraft  $      130.00
Cessna 172  $      144.00
Cessna R182 (Retractable)  $      205.00
Last Revised 9/23/2020


IMPORTANT NOTES: The average student requires more than the FAA required minimums. National Averages for being prepared to take Practical Tests are roughly 75% more time than the FAA Minimum Required Hours. Training more frequently will reduce overall cost by decreasing the amount of knowledge and skill not retained during gaps in training. Students should study between lessons and arrive early to preflight the aircraft. Time and Costs vary with individuals. Eye hand coordination, spatial orientation, situational awareness, and other factors affect the uptake and retention of knowledge and skills.
The Expect About Flight Instruction figures are based upon average students with jobs, school, family and/or normal life situations. Be happy when the costs are not much more that Flight Instruction figure and be really happy when they are less.  Some individuals may not be able to be successful within their Flight Instruction and financial capabilities or the amounts listed. There are no Guarantees or Warranties.
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