Flight Instructor Training

North Coast Air provides all required training to achieve a Flight InstructorCertificates:

CFI Single Engine (CFI) Allows you to train students for their private and commercial certificates
CFI Multi Engine (called MEI or CFI-ME) Allows you to train students for all certificates in multi-engine aircraft, including the ATP rating
CFI-Instrument Airplane rating (CFII) Allows you to train students for their instrument rating

Challenging but Rewarding

Learing to be a flight instructor is challenging, but very rewarding. At the same time, your skills as a pilot will be greatly sharpened. If your longer term goal is to be an Air Transport Pilot, acting as a CFI is the least expensive way to build the 1,000 to 1,500 flight hours you will need.

What ratings do I need to begin?

To earn your initial CFI rating you'll need:

  • A commercial pilot's license appropriate to the class of aircraft (single or multi-engine,)
  • An instrument rating

How difficult is it?

The flight portion of the CFI practical test is more than just a repeat of the commercial flight test., While the maneuvers are the same, you'll have to fly from the right seat while explaining how the maneuvers are performed. The FAA Inspector riding with you will also fly the airplane, and you'll have to critique his/her performance. (The initial CFI is the only checkride that requires you to fly with an FAA Inspector, rather than a Designated Examiner.)

The oral portion of the CFI practical test is exhaustive. Expect to spend 3 to 5 hours answering some very detailed questions. You'll have to teach a few topics to the Inspector, which will allow him or her to judge your ability to teach.

The advanced CFI ratings (CFI--Instrument Airplane and CFI--Airplane Multiengine) are
similar to the initial CFI, but are usually less stressful. (By the time you get to that point,
you'll probably have a few hundred hours' of teaching experience, and you'll have taken
plenty of checkrides.)

How long will it take?

Training for the CFI certificate can be accomplished in 15--20 hours of flight time. Your preparation for the oral exam, however, will take more time. Expect to spend about 75 to 100 hours doing self-study in preparation for the CFI oral exam.

What exams are required?

Oral: The oral exam takes about 3--4 hours, and will cover topics listed on the FAA Practical Test Standards (PTS).
Flight: The flight test takes about 2 hours, and will cover the maneuvers and procedures listed in the PTS.

For your initial CFI, you'll need to take two computerized written tests.

Adding the multi-engine does not require an additional written test.

The CFI-Instrument requires one written test.

We provide certified testing services through CATS, a nationwide testing provider.

Professional Organizations

In the United States, two professional organizations represent flight instructors nationally: Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) and National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI).

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